Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Database

Containing well over 140,000 records, and includes birth, death, parents, census, and other information.

Originated by David G. Moore
Assisted by Betty Bowman Gabbard, Pat Saupe, & others.
Revised and expanded by Dwight and Betty Finger

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We encourage our members to contribute to their family lines.

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  • This database had its beginning when David G. Moore saw the fragile condition of the paperwork of early researchers in Owsley and nearby counties. To preserve their work and the work of those who contributed to the genealogical files in various libraries and historical societies in eastern KY, he began collecting this information and entering it into a database in his old DOS computer (1984). Read David's account.

    As the database grew to immense proportions, he knew he needed a newer, faster program AND he wanted to make a singular database available for other researchers to access.

    After years of searching for answers, in 2017, Sherry Baker directed David to Dwight Finger, who had been taking care of the website of the Three Forks KY River Historical Association. Sherry converted David's First Choice data to CSV so it could be used in Excel form. Then Dwight transferred it to a MySQL database, and created the PHP pages to access the data. It is now available as a web-based application. His wife, Betty Thomas Finger, coordinated the efforts between David and Dwight, and field tested the results. She continues to be involved in maintaining and updating the online database.

    Our members are invited to help us build upon this database and make it even greater. If you have corroborated information for your ancestors and would like to contribute or correct information here, please contact us.

    The Eastern Kentucky Genealogy Database is a separate entity, but the members of The Three Forks of
    The Kentucky River Historical Association have exclusive access.

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